Dave Fowler

________ Senior Director of Development

Dave Fowler is a Senior Director of Development at Swift Current Energy. Dave has over 25 years of experience in development, with over 12 years in renewable energy development.  Dave leads the development efforts for a number of our projects, including our Glacier Sands and Moraine Sands wind projects in Illinois, as well as the Three Rivers solar project in Maine.

Dave began his renewable energy career at First Wind as a land manager and was responsible for lease acquisitions, public outreach, and overseeing permitting, engineering and design, and interconnection studies. Dave’s ability to close deals made him an indispensable asset to the company, where he rose to Senior Director of Development. In his time leading development at First Wind, which was later acquired by Sun Edison, he cultivated 420 MW of energy from origination to commercial operation. Prior to joining Swift Current Energy, Dave founded an independent consulting company, Next Phase Energy Services, that provides expertise in renewable development for companies exploring projects in Maine and beyond. Dave received his undergraduate degrees in Forestry Management and Business Management from the University of Maine.


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